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Owner Coaching

We teach you how to train your dog! One on One Coaching Training sessions are designed to teach you the tools to effectively communicate with your dog and get positive results.

✷ An initial Behavior Assessment is required prior to training sessions


During an Owner Coaching Training session you will work with a certified trainer on how to apply hands-on training techniques to achieve the behavior goals you want from your dog.  The weekly educational and engaging sessions will be specifically customized to you and your dog (each session is 60 minutes).  Owner Coaching Training sessions are recommended for owners who have the time to be an integral part of the training process.  Owner commitment and participation in a training plan is a critical part of the process, and will help to ensure lasting behavioral changes in your dog. 

Coaching Training sessions are also a great choice for puppy training and basic manners training for dogs of all breeds and ages. 

✷ All training is Force Free-Positive Reinforcement Training

     ✢Single Session: $175

     ✢3 Day Package: $435

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