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The Breezy Dog

Outings to local enclosed parks for off-leash playtime is great exercise for dogs of all energy levels.  We keep your dog happily socialized in a more controlled environment where the dogs can play and romp together.  For those who may not have the best recall, the Breezy Dog is a wonderful option.  A suitable option for dogs who need to expend lots of energy as well as dogs who may only need moderate exercise.  Dogs must have good socialization skills.

We are certified Professional Dog Walkers and are licensed and insured.  We are also well versed in the nuances of off-leash behavior and certified in pet first aid and CPR.

Providing dogwalking service to neighborhoods of Dog Patch, Potrero Hill, Bernal Hill, and parts of the Mission District. 

Minimum of 3 walks per week


     ✢ 16 weeks or older

     ✢ Current vaccinations

     ✢ Flea/Tick program

     ✢ Neutered/Spayed

✢ Must not have aggression

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