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Behavior Assessment

Our Private Dog Training Services start with an Initial Behavior Assessment. 

Initial consultation is to observe your dog's behavior, discuss your concerns and goals, and assess training options.  During a consultation we may also discuss important concepts to help you better understand your dog's behavior.  Post assessment, we will provide you with an assessment summary and recommend the best tailor designed training plan for your dog to reach training goals if further training is needed.  Various behavior issues may need more owner involvement and might take more time than others. 

Assessment sessions are approximately 60 minutes

Session Fee: $125

A private assessment is the first step to addressing unwanted behaviors, such as:

     ✢ Dog Aggression                                

     ✢ Leash Reactivity

     ✢ Anxiety

     ✢ Stranger Fear

     ✢ Jumping

     ✢ Chewing & Destructive Behavior

     ✢ Leash Manners

     ✢ Inappropriate Barking

     ✢ Recall (not coming when called)

     ✢ Resource Guarding

     ✢ Separation Anxiety: Training approach and rates differ from the aforementioned behaviors,

           please email to inquire further details

     ✢ Other issues you are experiencing

✷ Post Behavior Assessment we can help you assess further training options

We offer two training options: 

     ✢ Owner Coaching sessions

     ✢ Day Training sessions

✷ All training is Force Free-Positive Reinforcement Training

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