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Junior School 
Teen Phase


17 weeks - 11 mo.

Teenage rebellion realness!


Has your puppy been ignoring the basic training you thought you had down from Young Pup? Or have a new puppy too old for Young Pup?


From Puppy to Dog, Tween Pup will get you through the often difficult adolescent phase.


✢ Must be no younger than 17 weeks & no older than 11 mo. at the start of first class

✢ Must be in care of a veterinarian and be on current age appropriate  vaccinations

✢ Must not have leash reactivity to other dogs and people

✢ Must complete Tween Pup Orientation class

✷ Private training offered for behavioral issues


Preparing you for adolescent parenthood and the Tween Pup Course.  Read More...

✢ Orientations are offered weekly

40 minute orientation, Saturdays: 11:30 AM -12:10 PM

✢ Up to two people are allowed per dog

✷ Please read our Terms & Conditions before enrolling

Training Goals

Learn to improve on Young Pup basics or introduce basics to your older puppy.  Help develop greater impulse control, solidify behavioral foundation, and prepare for Grown-up Pup.

✢ Socialization:  Dogs & People

✢ Behavior Shaping: Focus on Recall • Loose Leash Walking • Leave It • Go to Mat

✢ Manners: Jumping •  Biting •  Chewing

✢ Distraction Skills: pups begin to learn how to focus & work in a group setting with an increased level of distraction

✢ Handling: practice handling exercises for 

nail trimming •  grooming •  medical exams

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Course Info

5 weekly classes in this course. Open Enrollment course.  No need to wait to start training your puppy, jump in at any time!  Must complete Tween Pup Orientation class.

✢ Each class is 55 minutes, Wednesdays: 6 PM - 6:55 PM

✢ Course Total: $330 

All training is Force Free-Positive Reinforcement Training

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What to Bring

✢ Current vaccination records

✢ Training Clicker (free clicker provided at orientation)

✢ Semi-hungry, semi-tired, pottied pup

✢ Lots of high value bite size treats and treat bag

✢ Stuffed Kong or Bully Stick to chew on while instructor is talking

✢ Standard flat collar or a no-pull harness

✢ 5 or 6 foot standard leash

✢ Mat, towel, or small blanket

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