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Puppy on the Beach

Tween Pup Orientation

Preparing you for adolescent parenthood!  Orientation classes are designed to start you and your pup on the right path for a successful journey throughout your training course. 

Introduction to:

 Understanding rearing and training your Tween pup through their adolescent period

✢ Clicker Training

 More Advanced Mat & Placement Work for your pup

 Learning proper social cues and body language for day-to-day encounters

Orientation Info

✢ Orientations are offered weekly

✢ 40 minute orientation, Saturdays: 11:30 AM - 12:10 PM

✢ Up to two people are allowed per dog

✷ Please read our Terms & Conditions before enrolling

Preparing for Tween Pup 

What you need to have your pup trained or mostly trained on before starting the Tween Pup Course:

 House Training 

 Crate Training

 Alone Time 

✷ Orientation includes a Brief on these topics

Cute Puppy
Puppy 11.png



 Adolescent Development

 How Adolescent Dogs Learn

✢ Motivation • Reinforcement

✢ Clicker • Marker Training

 How the Environment Affects Training

 What is Enrichment

What to Bring

 Current vaccination records

 Training Clicker (free clicker provided)

 Semi-hungry, semi-tired, pottied pup

 Lots of high value bite size treats and treat bag

 Stuffed Kong or Bully Stick to chew on while instructor is talking

 Chew Toy without a squeaker to alternate use of chew treats while instructor is talking

 Standard flat collar or a no-pull harness

 5 or 6 foot standard leash

 Mat, towel, or small blanket

Dog Collar
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