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Group Training Classes

Learn Dog Speak Dog • Teach Dog

Set yourself and your pup up for success and take your achievements with you from classroom to the real world. Enroll in any course that suits you and your pup’s needs or enroll in all three core skills series to maximize training results. All training is Force Free-Positive Reinforcement Training

Young Pup

The first of our 3 core skills series.  Start your pup off on the right paw! Your pup’s learning foundation starts here.  Read More...

Tween Pup

The second of our 3 core skills series. Know what to expect and get ahead of unwanted behaviors in your pup’s rebellious phase.


Grown-up Pup

The third of our 3 core skills series. Carry on your training accomplishments and deepen your bond for a happy life with your best furriend!


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