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Junior School 
Teen Phase


17 weeks - 12 mo.

Teenage rebellion realness!


Has your puppy been ignoring the basic training you thought you had down from Young Pup? Or have a new puppy too old for Young Pup?


From Puppy to Dog, Tween Pup will get you through the often difficult adolescent phase.


✢ Must be no younger than 17 weeks & no older than 12 mo. at the start of first class

✢ Must be in care of a veterinarian and be on current age appropriate  vaccinations

✢ Must not have leash reactivity to other dogs and people

✷ Private training offered for behavioral issues

Training Goals

Learn to improve on Young Pup basics or introduce basics to your older puppy.  Help develop greater impulse control, solidify behavioral foundation.

✢ Socialization:  Dogs & People

✢ Behavior Shaping: Focus on Recall • Loose Leash Walking • Leave It • Go to Mat

✢ Manners: Jumping •  Biting •  Chewing

✢ Distraction Skills: pups begin to learn how to focus & work in a group setting with an increased level of distraction

✢ Handling: practice handling exercises for 

nail trimming •  grooming •  medical exams

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Course Info

4 weekly classes in this course. Open Enrollment course.  No need to wait to start training your puppy, jump in at any time! 

✢ Each class is 55 minutes, Wednesdays: 6 PM - 6:55 PM

✢ Course Total: $295 

✢ All training is Force Free-Positive Reinforcement Training

✷ Please read our Terms & Conditions before enrolling

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What to Bring

✢ Current vaccination records

✢ Complimentary Training Clicker included

✢ Complimentary Bait Bag included

✢ Semi-hungry, semi-tired, pottied pup

✢ Lots of high value bite size treats

✢ Stuffed Kong or Bully Stick to chew on while instructor is talking

✢ Standard flat collar or a no-pull harness

✢ 5 or 6 foot standard leash

✢ Mat, towel, or small blanket

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