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eligibility: 8 to 16 wks & up to 30 lbs. at the first social

A well-balanced puppy needs safe socialization right from the start.

Dog Club hosts a puppy social hour with the supervision of a highly experienced trainer. At these socials, puppies build healthy relationships, while learning how to interact, play politely, and communicate with other puppies.

While puppies socialize, owners will observe and learn dog behavior, communication,

and their puppy's play personality in social settings.


By socializing your puppy in their early stages of life, they will develop new, good behaviors and will learn to be a well-rounded pup! Their confidence will grow with each new interaction that brings

positive reinforcement and experiences. 

While Puppy Socials will give your puppy a headstart in socialization, we highly recommend continued training with our group classes to maximize learning and help your pup be the best dog they can be. 

✷ Please read our Terms & Conditions before enrolling

What to Bring

A healthy puppy! In order to help us maintain a safe, healthy environment for all puppies, we ask that you please perform a general wellness check on your puppy before attending each social. 

✷Look for the following symptoms: Coughing, Hacking, Vomiting multiple times in a day, Diarrhea, Sneezing, Runny eyes or nose, Lack of energy or weakness, Lethargy

✷If your puppy is showing any of these symptoms, please consult with your vet before bringing your puppy to a social. 

Also Bring

✢ A standard flat collar only, No prong collars or harnesses

✢ High value bite size treats

✢ 5 or 6 foot leash

Social Hours

Every Thursday

✢ 45 minute social

✢ Time: 6:15 PM - 7:00 PM​

✢ Cost: $35 per session

Up to two people are allowed per puppy


✷Please upload puppy's vaccination records

(link provided in an email upon booking) 


✢ Must have had at least one set of puppy vaccinations (DHPP/DHLPP/DAPP/DAPP2 & Bortadella) and deworming, preferably administered by a vet 7 days prior

     ✢ Have been in-home for at least 7 days

     ✢ Have not had diarrhea, lethargy, coughing or sneezing within 24 hours

     ✢ Not have any canine warts (papilloma) on or around mouth/eyes/ears

✷We recommend fecal giardia testing plus canine influenza and/or lepto vaccinations per vet recommendation

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