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in person seminar for humans

If you are expecting to bring home a new puppy or are thinking of adopting, this seminar is catered to you!

New pups and especially young puppies take

time, energy & the right tools to set you both up for a paw-some life together!

In this seminar you will learn about development and different areas of training to get you prepared for pup parenthood.

Seminar Details 

✢ 75 minute in-person seminar

✢ Saturdays: 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

✢ Human focused only, no dogs allowed

✢ Cost: $45


✢ Puppy Development and the importance of training

✢ House training versus House breaking & using positive reinforcement to do house training

✢ The importance of crate training & using positive reinforcement do crate training

✢ Separation anxiety & how to prevent it

✢ Socialization and how to train your pup to handle different environments, people & dogs

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