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The Adventure Dog

Trail hikes & beach romps are a great way to keep your dog healthy and happy with the socialization and exercise they need.  Hikes are a fun way to let dogs be dogs while they play, sniff, and explore with their pack.  Dogs must have good recall and good socialization skills.


​We are certified Professional Dog Walkers and are licensed and insured.  We are also well versed in the nuances of off leash behavior and certified in pet first aid and CPR.

Membership Fee

5 walks/ week: $680/ month

4 walks/ week: $580/ month

3 walks/ week: $480/ month

$42 for pro-rated walks

Providing dogwalking service to the neighborhoods of Dog Patch, Potrero Hill, Mission District, Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Diamond Heights. 

✷ Minimum of 3 walks per week


     ✢ 16 weeks or older

     ✢ Current vaccinations

     ✢ Flea/Tick program

     ✢ Neutered/Spayed

✢ Must not have aggression

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